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At Heavy Hauler Service and Repair Ltd., we provide expert service on all makes and models of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Our highly trained and skilled certified technicians are experts at solving difficult-to-diagnose issues and are committed to providing our customers with quality work and prompt service. At Heavy Hauler, we understand that a well-made truck requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well. Therefore, we offer exhaust & aftertreatment, suspension, transmission & clutch, and truck alignment services, among the many services we provide.


Your truck's exhaust and aftertreatment system is a complex system, and its performance affects and is affected by other vital systems in your vehicle. Exhaust and aftertreatment issues can lead to decreased power, acceleration, fuel economy and cause unanticipated downtime for your truck.

The first sign of an exhaust or aftertreatment problem is often a hissing or rattling sound from your exhaust. A hissing noise, or loud exhaust, is usually caused by a leaking gasket or a crack in the manifold or exhaust pipe. At the same time, a rattling sound generally means the exhaust system is misaligned.

It can be easy to ignore a noise or rattle from your exhaust system, but over time the issue will worsen. Not only is it not going to make your truck sound good, but leaking exhaust fumes could also make you sick. Failing to address an exhaust problem promptly can turn a simple repair into an expensive and even catastrophic situation.

Exhaust and aftertreatment issues can also significantly impact the performance of your truck. For example, you may experience a sudden decrease in your truck's acceleration or power, which can indicate a problem, such as a clogged exhaust manifold. Exhaust leaks will also impact the performance of your turbo since some of the exhaust escapes before the designed exhaust system.

At Heavy Hauler Service and Repair Ltd., we have the expertise and technology to service and repair exhaust systems from all truck manufacturers including, Ford, Cummins, International, Mack, Volvo, and more. Our skilled technicians have a thorough understanding of each exhaust and aftertreatment system and the most advanced technology available, giving us unmatched diagnostic and service capabilities.

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I chose Heavy Hauler because they were close to my shop. However, I continue to use their services because of their excellent service and workmanship. Derek, Luke, and the gang are great to deal with. I highly recommend them.
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