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Axle Repair
Ensure sure your trailer is operating as efficiently as possible by straightening out any misalignment caused over time.
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Brake Repair
Brake systems are a critical component of any light, medium, and heavy duty truck and trailer. Brake systems that are not operating properly make it more challenging to slow down, take turns, and stop, putting the driver and other vehicles in danger.
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Diagnostics & Electrical Repair
At Heavy Hauler, we specialize in finding solutions for complex, hard-to-diagnose problems. Your vehicle has several systems to alert you to issues, but there are a few warning signs that you should look for, and if found, address immediately.
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Driveline Repair
We offer expert driveline system maintenance and repair services for light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel trailers that can save you from problems down the road.
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Fluid Service
Think of fluids like the blood running in the human veins. It is that important. Just as your body won't function without blood, a trailer will grind to a halt without oil and fluids. Schedule service today.
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Suspension Repair
Since the wear of suspension system components is gradual, it can be challenging to notice the signs of an issue until the damage is done. Schedule an inspection of your suspension system with our experienced technicians today.
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Wheel Alignment
A wheel alignment can keep your car running safely and effectively by encouraging less tire wear, higher gas mileage, and safer driving conditions. Uneven tire wear may be caused by misaligned wheels.
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