Brake systems are a critical component of any trailer. If your brake system is not operating properly, it will make it more difficult to slow down, make turns, and stop. This puts the driver, its potential passengers, and the other vehicles in danger.


The braking system for your trailer involves the use of a complex network of components.

Wear and tear or damaged components can result in a failure of the whole system. If you need brake service, it is imperative that you seek service immediately. This is not only to ensure your safety, but it will also prevent the reality that waiting can cause more damage.


If your brake components have a limited lifespan they will wear and deteriorate depending on the use of the brakes and operating conditions. Having a regular brake inspection performed by one of our professionals at Heavy Hauler will ensure that your brakes are properly functioning.


Whether you are bringing in your trailer for a brake repair or an inspection, our technicians will closely examine every component of your brake system. At Heavy Hauler, we service all types of braking systems, and provide the most cost-effective, and efficient solutions for ensuring your brake system performs perfectly.

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