Forget What You Thought You Knew: 3 Diesel Engine Myths Busted

Forget What You Thought You Knew: 3 Diesel Engine Myths Busted

Diesel engines are one of the most fuel-efficient modes of long-distance transport. Compared to other regularly utilized engines, such as gasoline or CNG-based engines, they can even handle large weights. Because of their efficiency and dependability, diesel engines are often seen in commercial vehicles such as trucks, RVs, buses and other similar vehicles. But there are still a lot of myths regarding diesel engines. Some people believe diesel engines are less efficient than gasoline engines, while others think that diesel fuel is not easily accessible. We’re here to dispel these common myths. Continue reading to learn about the most prevalent misconceptions regarding diesel engines:

1. DEF quality has no impact on emissions

Many individuals, including some fleet owners, believe that regardless of the kind or grade of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) they use, the effects of the exhaust after-treatment will always be the same. But, as we'd like to emphasize, it matters. We can tell you that if you apply the right, high-quality DEF, your emissions will be cleaner, and your engine will run like butter, based on our decades of expertise.

2. At high altitudes, diesel engines perform the same as gasoline engines

Many people believe that at high altitudes, it makes no difference whether you use a gasoline or diesel engine; both will operate the same. They are unaware. However, diesel engines are fitted with turbochargers, which improves the efficiency of diesel engines at high altitudes.

The air is thinner at higher altitudes, making it harder for the engine to combine the fuel and air proportionally. As a result, gasoline engines are less efficient. However, modern diesel engines, such as Caterpillar engines, are fitted with turbochargers, which compensate for the power loss and assist the engines in adequately combusting the ideal proportions of fuel and air. As a result, diesel engines outperform gasoline engines at high altitudes.

3. Diesel fuel is expensive and difficult to come by

There are certainly times when diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline, however diesel fuel is available at most gas stations (if not at all pumps). "No, I never found it difficult to locate Diesel," one of our diesel engine clients remarked. "In all my journeys, I always found it in all the gasoline pumps I visited."  

Final words 

Diesel-powered trucks and equipment have recently acquired a lot of popularity, which is why we felt it was vital to debunk some prevalent diesel engine fallacies. Some individuals have even used vegetable oils as fuel, believing that diesel engines could operate on any biodiesel, but this has resulted in severe engine damage. Make sure that you keep these myths in mind and better understand the diesel engine.

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