3 Preventive Maintenance Tips For Summer - Heavy-Duty Trucks

3 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Summer Heavy Duty Trucks

Your vehicle suffers from the summer heat just as much as you do. It is crucial to get your vehicle ready for the heat now, to guarantee that it runs smoothly throughout summer. Now is the time to do any summer vehicle maintenance that has been put off. In this article, we will share 3 preventive maintenance tips that you should follow for summer. Based on that, you can take good care of your truck during summer and make sure that you will not run into any major problems when running it. 

1. Engine coolant system 

Verify the antifreeze concentration levels and the appropriate antifreeze-to-water ratio. Both are freezing and keep the engine from overheating, depending on the cooling balance. The engine cooling system won't function correctly and can fail if the ratio is wrong. Just as crucial as concentration levels is the examination of the coolant hoses. Coolant hoses deteriorate from the inside, making it challenging to detect wear from the exterior but simple to test. If the hose feels spongy when squeezed toward the ends, it has to be replaced. 

Replace coolant at least every two years or after every 100,000 miles. For the suggested intervals, refer to your vehicle's operating handbook. Every fluid has a shelf life and has to be replaced as directed, and power steering and braking fluids fall under this category. 

2. Focus on the air conditioning system 

Avoid being trapped in the summer heat without a functional air conditioner. Your valves and hoses should be examined for leakage. This summer, even the tiniest adjustment will help keep drivers cool and comfortable. Generally speaking, if the blower motor makes noise, it must be replaced. 

3. Inspect the batteries 

Even your heavy-duty truck’s batteries can suffer from extreme heat. It's crucial to keep batteries maintained and corrosion-free during the summer since corrosion is more common in higher temperatures. Lower voltage is caused by corrosion development, which may cause the battery to cease working. Look for cracks and other damage in the battery and wires. 

Final words 

Belts and hoses should be maintained, particularly during the warmer season, since exposure to heat, vibration, and pollution leads to wear. It is easy to examine and assess the damage. As a preventive step, inspect belts for adequate tension and alignment and for cracks, seepage, and dirt around the connections. Make sure that you don't ignore paying attention to these components of your truck. Then you can ensure that your heavy-duty truck doesn't have any problems when you run it in summer.

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